Community Based Education

Lake Country AHEC collaborates with various medical and allied health schools within the state of Texas to assist with placing students in Medically Underserved Areas (MUA) and/or Health Professional Shortage areas (HPSA). As resources permit, these servies are extended to students outside the state as requested and as resources permit.

Communities Healther

The MUA and the HPSA can be in rural and inner city areas. Working with various program disciplines, health professionals with in the 26 county areas are recruited to be perceptors for various clerkships. These clerkships may be 3 to 8 weeks in length depending on the program requirements.

Major Emphasis of CBE:

Establish with CLinical Coordinators at various medical/allied health schools:

  • Clerkship site needed
  • Recruitment Preceptors

Coordinates with Preceptors in the Community:

  • Coordinate between schools and preceptor schedules
  • Collect and distrubute any mecessare paperwork

Provide Studemt Support:

  • Conduct community/site orientation as appropriate
  • Encourage students to review possible job opportunities while in region
  • Liason between school/receptor and student as need arises
  • Assist with identifying housing with region

For addition al information concerning CBE activities at Lake Country AHEC, contact Debbie Warren.